Hello, if you see any scary, disgusting, adult (nude pics), auto-play audio, heavy, annoying, ... ads, or the site open too many popups (read about popup frequency below), please follow this form to report them.

Without those informations, we could not help you and your post will be ignored for complaining without any useful information.

What website this happen on (KissAnime, KissManga etc.): ...
Screenshot: ... (you could upload the image to imgur.com)
Your IP (you can get it at ip2location.com): ... If you could not provide it, at least tell us your country.
Ads url (if you could get it): ...
Your browser/OS: ...
Video host (if u're watching the episode, KissAnime/Openload/Rapidvideo/Beta): ... If u're not on watching page, give me the url where the problem happen.


About popup ads: KissAnime/KissManga has one popup ads per 1~1.5 hours, HydraX has one popup ads per 1 video. We do not have control over Openload/Streamango/RapidVideo/Nova ads.

Popup ads supposed to not have any virus/malware, you just need to close it when it opens. We do not recommend you to use Openload/Streamango because they have a lot of popup ads/bad ads.

We do not have many choices about ads, all good/clean advertisers banned our sites, we're trying our best to keep the ads as clean as possible.

This website is not for childs under 13 years old.

Please report here follow the form: https://www.reddit.com/r/KissCommunitySupport/submit

Thank you.