Obsolete information

Other name: OBSOLETE

Genres: Mecha, ONA

Date aired: Dec 3, 2019

Status: Completed           Views: 36,741           Bookmark


In 2014, aliens revealed themselves to request trade with humanity. In exchange for limestone, they would provide a consciousness-controlled general-use robot known as an "Exoframe." Cheaper than an aircraft, tank, or firearm, and easy enough for anyone to operate, the "Exoframe" spreads change throughout the world in the blink of an eye... 

Episode name Day Added
Obsolete Episode 006 12/6/2019
Obsolete Episode 005 12/6/2019
Obsolete Episode 004 12/6/2019
Obsolete Episode 003 12/6/2019
Obsolete Episode 002 12/6/2019
Obsolete Episode 001 12/6/2019
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