Drama anime
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Anime name Latest episode
Muhyo and Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation 2    Episode 017
Ace wo Nerae!: Final Stage    Episode 003
Fruits Basket (2019) 2nd Season (Dub)    Episode 010
Attack on Tomorrow    Episode 021
Fruits Basket (2019) 2nd Season (Sub)       Episode 018
Kabukichou Sherlock (Dub)    Episode 023
Smile Down the Runway (Dub)    Episode 010
One Piece (Sub)       Episode 935
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! (Dub)    Completed
Major 2nd (TV) 2nd Season    Episode 011
Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara (Dub) Completed
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. 3 Episode 004
Swan Lake (Dub) Completed
Ahiru no Sora (Sub)    Episode 041
Tower of God (Dub)    Episode 012
Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- 2nd Season Episode 029
Run with the Wind (Dub) Episode 012
Laughing Salesman Episode 099
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (Dub) Completed
Road to You Episode 003
Ahiru no Sora (Dub) Episode 024
The Swiss Family Robinson: Flone of the Mysterious Island (Dub) Completed
8 Man After (Sub) Completed
Shin Dousei Jidai: Hawaiian Breeze Completed
Hitori no Shita: The Outcast 3rd Season Episode 003
Japan Sinks 2020 (Dub) Completed
Japan Sinks 2020 (Sub) Completed
Slam Dunk (Dub) Episode 085
Ling Long: Incarnation Completed
Domestic Girlfriend (Sub)    Completed
Shoukoushi Cedie Episode 016
Twilight Completed
Troublesome Old Man Completed
Flower Angel Movie Completed
Gintama (Dub) Episode 049
Hana no Asukagumi! Completed
My Beautiful Girl Mari Completed
A Whisker Away (Dub) Completed
Tower of God (Sub)    Completed
Sing "Yesterday" for Me Special Completed
Ace wo Nerae! 2 Completed
Weathering With You (Sub) Completed
YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world Special Completed
Sing "Yesterday" for Me Completed
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! (Sub)    Completed
Arte Completed
Wave, Listen to Me! Completed
The Ones Within OVA Completed
A Whisker Away (Sub) Completed
Tokyo Godfathers (Dub) Completed
Drama genre

Anime that often show life or characters through conflict and emotions. In general, the different parts of the story tend to form a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. In other words, the story has a message that is bigger than just the story line itself.